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Nero Pure Puppy fresh Chicken

Nero Pure Puppy with fresh Chicken meat is 100% grain free and rich in carefully selected chicken meat to support a healthy development and sustainable growth. Puppies will benefit from a diet rich in high quality animal proteins and fats, while fresh 

vegetables, fruits and herbs support healthy digestion and a good immune system. A naturally complete diet that guarantees that puppies will get all the nutritional value from the start for a long and healthy life. 


  • 77% meat content, 23% vegetables & fruits

  • 100% grain and gluten free, naturally hypo-allergenic 

  • Herbs, organic minerals and vitamins for natural support of pup’s health  

  • Constructive support to the joints for stabile growth 

  • Produced in the Netherlands with fresh Scandinavian ingredients 

77% nutritional protein

from Chicken meat

23% nutritional protein

from Vegetables & Fruits

100% Grain Free

100% Gluten Free


Fresh Chicken

Fresh chicken meat is an excellent source of protein for the dog for a great immuun system. 

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is an excellent source to provide your dog with the right amount of energy. Sweet Potato releases the energy slowly to your dog which will satisfy the hunger for a longer time. This potato is low on calories and full with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. 

Vegetables & Fruits

Our carefully selected vegetables & fruits 

are full of minerals and vitamins. Each Nero Pure recipe has a delicious mixture of different vegetables & fruits grown by the best farmers


Fresh Chicken (20%), dry Chicken, peas, poultry fat, sweet potato, potato, potato starch, beet pulp, salmon oil, carob pods, flax seed, egg powder, brewer’s yeast, minerals, inulin, carrot, nettle, Echinacea, tomato, apple, mango, prunes, banana, thyme, basil, spirulina, cranberry, celery.

Analysis: Protein 30%, Fat 18%, Fibre 5%, Ash 7,7%, Calcium 1,2%, Phosphorus 1%, EPA 0,2%, DHA 0,3%

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 18.000 IU/IE, Vitamin D3 1.800 IU/IE, Vitamin E 500 IU/IE, Glucosamine 200 mg/kg, Chondroitin 200 mg/kg, Taurine 1.000 mg, L-Carnitine 50 mg, Yucca Schidigera extract 200 mg, Lecithin 3.000 mg, Sepiolite 10.000 mg. 

Enriched with essential vitamins and oils. Naturally stabilised with mixed-tocopherols. 


Trace elements: Copper (pentahydrate) 10 mg, Copper (hydrate) 5 mg, Zinc (monohydrate) 100 mg, Zinc (hydrate) 50 mg, Iron (monohydrate) 70 mg, Iron (hydrate) 35 mg, Manganese (oxide) 50 mg, Manganese (hydrate) 25 mg, Iodine 2 mg, Selenium 0,1 mg.

Energy value: 3580 kcal/kg

Feeding Guide

Body Weight kg

2,5 kg

5 kg

7,5 kg 

15 kg

25 kg

30 kg 

35 kg

45 kg

60 kg

80 kg

1 month

35 gr.

60 gr.

80 gr.

105 gr.

110 gr, 

115 gr.

120 gr.




2 months

60 gr. 

105 gr.

145 gr.

195 gr.

210 gr.

230 gr.

250 gr.

275 gr.

280 gr.

285 gr.

3 months

65 gr.

110 gr.

150 gr.

250 gr.

310 gr.

345 gr.

375 gr.

420 gr.

455 gr.

495 gr.

4 months

75 gr.

125 gr.

170 gr.

255 gr.

330 gr.

440 gr.

480 gr.

545 gr.

605 gr.

625 gr.

6 months

70 gr.

115 gr.

160 gr.

310 gr.

415 gr.

460 gr.

510 gr.

595 gr.

710 gr.

825 gr.

12 months

60 gr.

100 gr.

135 gr.

285 gr.

415 gr.

425 gr.

475 gr.

570 gr.

880 gr.

1090 gr.

18 months




230 gr.

340 gr.

390 gr.

435 gr.

525 gr.

650 gr.

810 gr.

Our Nero Pure feeding advice is based on a normal energy level of your dog. The body condition of your dog is guidance for the actual feeding amount. When needed, you can give more or less food in order to keep your dog in optimal condition. We advise to divide the daily amount of food into two portions.


Always have enough fresh drinking water available for your dog. 

Please keep the product in a cool, dry and if possible dark place. 


What makes Nero Pure excellent is the quality of the fresh meat we carefully selected for our dog food. Pure fresh meat will give your dog energy, health and excellent condition.

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