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We at Nero Pure do not settle for minimum requirements. 

Dogs are carnivores who are direct descendants of the wolf and still share 99% of the mitochondrial DNA. From a nutritional point of view, todays dogs and ancients wolfs require a similar diet. 

With Nero Pure we formulated a range of dog food that caters to the nutritional needs of dogs. Produced from fresh meat and 100% grain, free Nero Pure has an ideal ratio of animal protein to vegetables. Each of the ingredients we use are carefully selected to deliver the highest nutritional value.  ​

Dogs have a natural preference to eat meat. Feeding Nero Pure you will fulfill this need, your dog will love the tast of pure fresh meat! 

Anker Grain free


Dogs are real carnivores and get their nutritional needs mainly from meat. Dogs find it more difficult to digest grains such as corn, wheat and barley. 

Its commonly known that grains us wheat, barley and corn are linked to dogs allergies. Even though your dog has no allergies, grains have significantly less nutritional value and are very difficult to digest for your dog. With Nero Pure we have eliminated all the grains and formulated a diet as closely as possible to a dogs ancestral diet with ideal ratio of meat to fruits and vegetables. 


What makes Nero Pure excellent is the quality of the fresh meat we carefully selected for our dog food. Pure fresh meat will give your dog energy, health and excellent condition.

Fresh Lamb

We carefully selected grass fed raised lamb providing the highest nutritional value of protein and fantastic palatability. 

Fresh Salmon

Fresh Chicken

Fresh chicken meat is an excellent source of protein for the dog for a great immuun system. 

High-quality proteins thrived from fresh salmon provides the dog with a nutritionally, complete and natural diet. 

Anker Nero Pure
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